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      Severe weather anticipated for 3/25. Visitors should stay weather-aware. See list of public storm shelters and other resources: more
      Special Alert
      Aerial photo of Rocket Center
      Climbing on Stone Cuts Trail - Monte Sano Mountain
      Huntsville Parks and Rec  Big Spring Park
      Huntsville Botanical Garden Guest Center
      Huntsville Museum of Art downtown
      Burritt on the Mountain - the View
      Rocket Center - meeting space
      Journey Beyond
      Your Expectations
      Immerse yourself
      in the outdoors
      Our Hospitality Community
      Breathe in, Breathe out
      at the Garden
      Get your art on
      in Downtown Huntsville
      That View ...
      from Burritt
      Bring Your
      Meetings & Events
      Dare to Explore: Milestones to Mars
      Mar 25

      Dare to Explore: Milestones to Mars takes visitors on a six-decade journey...

      See More
      Downtown Walking Tours
      Mar 27

      Choose from a number of tours to learn more about Huntsville's history....

      See More
      Mar 27

      Come play on the mountain! Choose one of four GeoQuest adventures to enjoy...

      See More
      Taste of Panoply
      Apr 23

      The 2021 version of Panoply will return to the outdoors as a scaled down...

      See More
      Huntsville Championship
      Apr 29

      The pro golf stars of the next generation can be seen here in the spring of...

      See More


      The high-tech city of Huntsville, which sprawls at the foot of a mountain in North Alabama, is equally at home in the 19th century or the 21st. Huntsville's tourist attractions reflect the heritage of Alabama's first English-speaking city, the strife of the American Civil War and the accomplishments of America's rocket scientists.  

      The city is nicknamed "The Rocket City" for its close history with U.S. space missions. Huntsville has been important in developing space technology since the 1950s.


      Making Your Way to Huntsville
      Traveling to Huntsville is easy and stress free! Because we're close by to so many other great destinations, the drive is that much smoother. Plus you don't want to miss the scenic views on the way, as Huntsville has stunning... Read More



      The Latest

      Districts & Areas in Madison County
      Click on a district or name to find out more.
      Tennessee River
      Redstone Arsenal
      NASA Marshall Space Flight
      Center AMCOM
      (Limited Access)
      565 231 231 431 431 72 72
      • Recreation District
      • Village of Providence
      • Research Park
      • Monte Sano
      • Merrimack
      • Lincoln Mill
      • Jones Valley
      • Medical
      • Hampton Cove
      • Downtown Huntsville
      • Lowe Mill
      • South Huntsville
      • Discover More
      Recreation District
      Looking for physical activity in a central location? This is your spot. See More
      Village of Providence
      Like a glass of sweet tea on a hot day, the area is filled with heart-warming Southern charm. It has a variety of restaurants, boutiques, retail shops, and local businesses. See More
      Research Park
      With a vibrant mixture of Fortune 500 companies, U.S. space and defense agencies, shopping and so much more, this district is the center of research and technology. See More
      Monte Sano
      The Monte Sano District offers stunning panoramas. Don't forget to visit Burritt on the Mountain and the Little Green Store while you're up there! See More
      Huntsville’s Merrimack District has a different feel than the other urban areas in the Rocket City, thanks to its open spaces and New England-inspired homes. See More
      Lincoln Mill
      Located just one mile from the center of Downtown Huntsville, the area is anchored by the Lincoln Mill Office Campus — a growing hub for technology and innovative companies. See More
      Jones Valley
      This area is home to quaint neighborhoods, great restaurants & shopping, and scenic mountain views. See More
      Would you like to be moments away from the city’s center, downtown, and Huntsville Hospital? Huntsville’s Medical District is a quiet little area with all of those things and more. See More
      Hampton Cove
      Hampton Cove is home to the famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. But it's not all about the golf in this district - visit Hampton Cove for the scenic mountain and valley views too. See More
      Downtown Huntsville
      Downtown Huntsville combines creativity and innovation in one central core. Want to be right in the middle of it all? This is the place for you.. See More
      Lowe Mill
      The Lowe Mill District is an emerging hot spot in the Rocket City - supporting a diverse, creative community. Campus No. 805 is the latest development to call this district home. See More
      South Huntsville
      Nature meets the spirit of innovation in South Huntsville. Head out on the water at Ditto Landing, explore nature trails, and more. See More
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